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The New American Agenda

What the USA really needs now:


<li>Constitutional Amendment for Term Limits for the Senate and the House of Representatives.</li>
<li>A Constitutional Amendment that all bills introduced to be considered must be single-issue bills with zero add-ons.</li>
<li>A Constitutional Amendment that laws passed by Congress must be followed by congress, no exceptions.</li>
<li>End the governmental monopoly on education and return ALL matters of educating children back to the states and local governments.</li>
<li>Restrict the pay and compensation of college board members.</li>
<li>Cut the pay and benefits of all members of Congress to only cover living expenses during their term. It should be a service to serve your state in Washington, not a career. You serve, you go home, that’s it.</li>

Election machines MUST be American made, and MUST be based on open source software and the code must be available for review publicly.

All elections are done in one day

All ballots must have a unique serial number, tracebale to the actual voter

Voters must be U.S. citizens in good standing

Government officials are no longer allowed to go to work for media companies after leaving service.

Colleges must pay back portions of tutions and student debt for college degrees that are not valued in the marketplace.



<li>End Daylights Savings Time</li>
<li>A twenty-year full stop on ALL immigration (As we’ve done in the past) to give all legal migrants the time to integrate and become Americans, and until a sane, fair and just immigration system can be created and implemented.</li>

– Cut the pay and benefits of all members of congress, reminding them that is is a service job, you give your service to your country, then you leave.
– Remove all ability for non-elected, unaccountable bodies to create law, such as the EPA, and return that power to congress.
– Restrict colleges from naming buildings and facilities after board members
– Department of Education to provide rules and regulations on college fees, college expansions.
– All revenues from college sports teams to go be used for tution for non-sports candidates
– Better regulations of campaign contributions and expenditures
– Immediate investigations of any government worker whose net worth shoots up my more than 10% while in office
– Should be pro-choice, but will always choose life.
– Understands why the 2nd amendment is vital to freedom, and if any restrictions on guns are passed, those voting for those restrictions give up their right to any arms, and armed security.
– Establish new liable laws that hold media outlets, websites, and any future platforms to be held accountable for repeating crap they got from Twitter
– New constitutional amendment for keeping the internet free from governmental control of any kind
– Data privacy law, making it a felony to trade, sell or buy another persons data without their express, written permission
– Promotes efforts for the filthiest countries on earth to clean up their air, water and garbage, and for other countries to establish a national park system on par with America’s.

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