Larry Preston

Champion of Endless Optimization (CEO) at Digital Opera & Raceday. Happy stoic, aspirational minimalist, recovered big hair 80’s rock star. Author of “Star Fire Kids – Midnight Blue Express”.

The Memorabilia Project

In the course of a lifetime, you can accumulate an awful lot of stuff that reminds you of a good memory. Sadly, most of that material is printed photos, documents or audio and video on discontinued formats.

At one time, I had closets full of this stuff. Every time I decided to move, it all followed me, and I spent way too much time dealing with it.

So I came up with the idea of just putting it all online, making sure the site had great backups and then rid myself of the bulk that has taken up way too much space and effort over time.

So anything in this category is just the digitization and databasing of all that “stuff”.

Someday, this entire website or the internet itself will be a discontinued format, but by then, I won’t care.

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