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Telluride 2021

Jeep trail, hiking trails, an F15 Flyover, gondola rides, fresh mountain air,
an amazing massage, so many dogs, and a Karen from D.C.

One of the reasons I moved to Arizona is that it puts me in better proximity to some of the most amazing parts of the United States. Part of that plan included trips to (hopefully) cooler spots during the hot months of June, July, and August in Arizona.

On Memorial Day, I made a short trip to Sedona, and for the 4th of July, I booked a room in Telluride. It’s a 7.5-hour drive, and I really didn’t even notice the it. It was all good, and by the time I started heading up the mountains, the temperature dropped nicely.

Larry Preston - Telluride, CO
Larry Preston - Telluride, CO

<- Downtown Telluride. Above is the sunset from the Peaks Resort. 

I stayed at the Peaks Resort and Spa in Mountain Village, and this was my second stay there. Next time? I need to try someplace else. The Peaks is nice, but they really jab you on parking and the incidentals. The great thing about The Peaks is leaving your car there, and then taking a short walk to a gondola; you can ride from one side of the mountain to the other.

It’s impossible not to talk to the people riding the gondola with you. Everyone I talked with was delightful, and a lot of them were from Scottsdale or Texas. Except for one woman visibly shaken with anger when some people started to go get on the gondola with no masks on. She was from Washington D.C., and of course, her name was Karen. Not kidding.

They have a lovely spa there, but some of the best parts are still not open due to COVID. I had scheduled all kinds of stuff, but the appointments got mangled somehow, so I could only get the 60-minute massage, which fixed my backup better than it has been in some time.

Larry Preston - Telluride, CO

Downtown Telluride

Most of the weekend was spent in the plaza area of Mountain Village and walking around Telluride. I rather enjoyed the Telluride Historical Society. After touring the museum, I took the Jeep up a trail from there to the Tomboy Ghost Town. This trail is not for the faint of heart! I spent a lot of time slowly going past Jeeps coming down the trail with part of my tires hanging over an insanely steep cliff!

We got an amazing F15 flyover on the 4th, and I did part of the Jud Wiebe Trail, and an offshoot that goes to a gorgeous waterfall.

All in all a great trip I can’t wait to do again. I’ll take any excuse to go up to the mountains!

Been to Telluride? I am open to some suggestions on spas, places to stay and restaurants. 

Larry Preston - Telluride, CO

On the way to the waterfall

Larry Preston in Tomboy, CO

Tomboy ruins

Larry Preston

Gratuitous Selfie! 

Larry Preston - Telluride, CO

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