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Sushi Den

Sushi Den - Larry Preston

I first ate at and fell in love with Sushi Den back in the mid-1990s, when owner Toshi Kazaki was always working behind the glass counter pouring his heart into every single item. Back then, if I started to dip the wrong thing in the soy sauce, he would reach across the counter and smack my hands with chopsticks and demand that I eat it with ” NO SOY SAUCE!”

He was always right, and I appreciated the stern lesson. Actually, I laughed out loud when he did that, and he always followed it with the smile of an approving parent.

Back then, it was little more than the counter, but now it is made up of three restaurants that take up almost half a city block. 

It has become my go-to place for special occasions, and sometimes because I crave it.

The atmosphere is upscale but very comfortable, so you can feel great eating there dressed to the hilt or just wearing shorts and a t-shirt. The staff is wonderful, and the food… Well, I am not enough of a poet to describe it. It’s the kind of food you dream about. 

I have never had one thing from Sushi Den that didn’t amaze me. My current favorite is the spicy Aburi Tora (fatty tuna) from Croatia. Not one person that I know who has tried it didn’t absolutely love it. 

In March of 2021, I made a trip to Denver to go to Sushi Den because, after the whole COVID lockdown BS, it was the greatest thing I could think of to make things feel normal again. And it was one of the best experiences I have had there. 

Tables of 6 can book reservations ahead of time, less than that, and you on your own to try and get a seat – and be warned, it is expensive. 

But it is so worth every penny. 

Sushi Den - Larry Preston

Aburi Tora

Sushi Den - Larry Preston

I forgot what this is, but it is one of the tuna appetizers. 

Sushi Den - Larry Preston

Wagyu Beef roll in the back, one of many tuna variations up front. 

The desert below we tried because it was new on the menu. It was even more amazing than it looks! 

Sushi Den - Larry Preston
Sushi Den - Larry Preston
Sushi Den - Larry Preston

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