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Squaw Mountain Fire Lookout

Today’s random hike went about a tree line 12 miles west of Evergreen. It goes up to 11,400 feet, ending at a fire lookout station that is available to stay overnight during the later spring and summer. Most of the way up was trudging through some snow.. which is still weird to me when I’m wearing shorts and a t-shirt.

I met enjoyable people on this hike, Chris, Lane, and Misty, who recently served in the armed forces. Chris served in Iraq and Lane in Afghanistan; Misty served in the Navy.

It was a longer and much steeper hike than I thought initially, but getting above the tree line and seeing the mountains in every direction was well worth it. From on top of the fire look-out station, my love {cough, cough} of heights kicked in, and I had to scurry down from there rather quickly.

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