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Sledding in West Yellowstone

My friends Keith and Brad Warning showed up at my Denver digs and kidnapped me to trip to West Yellowstone. I admit I went along willingly, as snowmobiling in West Yellowstone has been on my bucket list since the 1970s.

We went to a vintage snowmobile show and race held not far from the original historic West Yellowstone race track, where the final racing event of the season was held for the big pro teams of the 1970s.

One of the trip’s highlights was that Keith brought with him the 1969 double-engine Ski-Doo that Duanne Eck drove to set a speed record in 1969 at this very location. And of all things I didn’t expect to would ever happen, Keith let me pilot the historic vehicle down the drag strip! It was loud, crude, uncomfortable, and completely awesome.

Then we went riding up into the mountains, and it was gorgeous up there on top of the world. I don’t think I have ever been on a nicer ride. I could have ridden today in a light sweater… it was that warm.

At the time, I was promoting our #BreakRoom product and used it to check in each morning with the office. In Denver, JD Hendrickson and Grant Klinsing held down the fort, kicking butt and taking names. I didn’t miss a beat while out riding and was able to take care of everything that needed to get done in moments.

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