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Remodeled Bathroom

So last July, the renters moved out of my house back in Minnesota. They took excellent care of the place, but after they were gone, I discovered the water softener had gone out some time while they were there. The result was a destroyed water heater, and the basement pipes filled with salt, and no water was working in the basement.

The bathroom in the basement was, in fact, awful. Here are the before pictures.

It was in decent condition, but I swear it looked like the Brady Bunch had just moved out in 1972.

Scott Nelson, a friend of mine I have known through snowmobiling for a long time, came over and demoed it down to the sticks; we had no choice as that was the only way to get to the pipes to clean them.

Then he added a window and made the shower about 2′ larger, and added the drywall:

Next, I consulted with an up-and-coming Minneapolis architect named Will Spencer on the design, and he leads me to Tile-X in Plymouth, MN, where I found the new tile that looks like wood. I fell in love with it the minute I saw it. But the staff at Tile-X picked the colors, and Will drew up tile plans and plans for the trim.. those trim plans became the basis of the trim for the rest of the house.

A new window replaced the old one.

I’m more than happy with the finished product.

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