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Randomworx Logo Designs from 1996

Making a logo is not always easy.. and when I am the client, it’s really difficult.

None the less, Minneapolis based agency known as DKY (not to be confused with DKnY) took on the challenge of helping me create an awesome logo for Randomworx. There are some very talented people there, and here’s just a few examples of all the options they came up with.

Honestly, I think they did over 100 ideas and variations. I finally picked a more simple bow-tie design, and added my tag line. At the time, many large corporations were using the phrase “Think Outside the Box” so much that it became a cliche. I played off that with the tagline “Box Outside the Think”.

That tag line generated more phone calls than I could handle. Most saying they read it several times before they figured it out, and wanting to share the chuckle they got out of it.

This post is all part of my Memorabilia Project.

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