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Priest Lake Idaho

Last year I got a call from Roger Biddiscombe, a friend from Washington state, asking me if I would like to head north and west for his second “Western Snowmobile Racers Reunion.” Having been to the first one some years ago, I couldn’t resist.

Even better, the event was in a place I’d never been before: Priest Lake, Idaho. Very near the Canadian border, mountains surround Priest Lake, but there are not many people – perfect!

The get-together was a fantastic, single-day event that I will remember forever. I got to see some friends I have not seen since the last reunion, got to hang out with some of my best friends, and met a whole slew of new ones.

On the final day, I got up early and drove up to the road a couple of miles until I found a trail that stayed near the lake. With perfect weather (high 60’s, dry and sunny!) I could get in about a two-mile hike before having to head back to Spokane to catch the plane.

I’m going to have to put this one back on the calendar to take more time to do some hiking here. It’s just too fantastic to pass up.

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