Larry Preston

Champion of Endless Optimization (CEO) at Digital Opera & Raceday. Happy stoic, aspirational minimalist, recovered big hair 80’s rock star. Author of “Star Fire Kids – Midnight Blue Express”.

Office Closet

From dozens of office closet ideas, I chose to make enough shelf space to organize what I need, but still leave room to breathe.

Before: My office was built for the house to be a 4th bedroom, thus the closet was organized kind of generically for clothes and a few other items. It looked okay, but I won’t be changing clothes in the office and it wasn’t enough space for all my office stuff. 

After: I designed it to fit a file cabinet, store some excess book inventory, lots of small items, and a high top shelf for that stuff I will hardly ever use. We used much thicker shelves and stained them to match some of the other accent work in the house. 

Scott Nelson of Scott Nelson Remodeling rounded the corners, (matches all the other shelves in the house), stained and clear-coated it, then took out the old shelves, patched the wall, painted, and had the new shelves installed in about 4 hours. 

Office Closet Ideas

Left side with the closet doors back on, the light installed and some of the items placed. 

Office Closet Ideas

Right side with the closet doors back on, the light and some of the items placed.