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Champion of Endless Optimization (CEO) at Digital Opera & Raceday. Happy stoic, aspirational minimalist, recovered big hair 80’s rock star. Author of “Star Fire Kids – Midnight Blue Express”.

March through May 2016

Most of this period has been spent on Raceday & Digital Opera. Most of what I’m doing involves helping with the development of the product, marketing, marketing, and more marketing, sales, and some support.

My SEO work is paying off on the marketing front: We rank number one or above the fold for 4 out of 5 of our best key phrases. That is resulting in Raceday signups.

Grant and JD working on another new Raceday feature.
Grant and JD working on another new Raceday feature.

On March 12th, I was able to take a morning and go hiking in Reynolds Park. 7,995 feet up, about 4 hours round trip.






On the 20th, I found another one in Jefferson County… the actual name escapes me. But I was disappointed to find it to be a totally flat hike. Barely any incline at all. But it was a gorgeous, warm day. So just being outside was enough for me.



Enjoy this moment of zen while you look at and listen to a babbling stream somewhere in Colorado:

Just three days later, Colorado decided to be funny and dump two feet of snow outside.

In March, I also started working on a renovation of my house back in Minnesota. Over the last 2.5 years, I have rented it out, but I think it would be really nice to have my own place to crash when I am back there. The basic idea is a new kitchen, removing a wall between the kitchen and the living room, a new downstairs bath, new windows, new decks, new floors and lots of new ways to get new light in the house. Just waiting to finalize all the details, and I hope to pull the trigger soon.

April 1st, I headed back to take some photos and get some ideas. It’s not a horrible house. It just needs to be pulled out of the ’70s.

April 9th, I went back to do the Manitou Incline again. This time I brought uber-nephews Noah and Ethan. I did not think they would make it. Not only did they make it, they totally kicked my butt! They were up there waiting for me at the top for about 15 minutes.








Back to work… this is the front door to our office.


Over one weekend, I finally managed to finish a little project that had been bothering me forever. I had an original titanium clutch guard for a 74 SnoPro for many years now. I finally had the time to reunite it with Stan Haye’s 74 650. Total time: 3 hours and 20 minutes. Lots of trips to Ace Hardware for the next rivet or bolt I was missing.



On April 24th, I FINALLY made it all the way to the top of the Boulder flat irons. I hiked, but more than a few people were scaling the nearly vertical rock formations with ropes… just watching them made my vertigo kick in. I missed the trail in one spot and wound up climbing up a lot of rocks, but it was totally worth it. The view of Boulder below is priceless, and from the top, you can finally escape the smell from the hippies. 😉






The weekend of May 14th, Abby, Brandon, Princess Reagan, and Thor all came down. One of the things we did was visit Tiny Town. Brandon, JD, and I also hit up the Stranahan’s Whisky Distillery tour in Denver.





By May 18th, we realized we had completed 17 new features in Raceday… along with a massive revamp of the database. Wow. This is huge! So now I’m working on the training and promotion of those new features.

So to celebrate the teams massive effort, I got my first tattoo in years..

To celebrate the new tattoo, a short trip to Nederland for some wings, beer, and a rest in the frozen dead guys’ coffin was in order.




To finish off the month, I headed up to Minnesota. I dropped some stuff off, then headed to St. Germain, Wisconsin, for the Hall of Fame Classic Sled Roundup. My accommodations in St. Germain were OUTSTANDING. I stayed at my friends’ house, and this was the view from my room.


I picked up a new trailer and then headed back to Colorado. 14 hours from Denver to Alexandria, 6 hours to St. Germain, 6 hours back to Alex, and 14 hours back to Denver. I stopped about every 4 hours to clean the bugs from my windshield, and along the way, I picked up a spider friend who, I swear, started talking to me after 10 hours in the Jeep.





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