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James Lee Images

I’ll be the first to tell you I know very little of art. I do know that as I have been looking for art for the new house, I wanted to find desert and southwestern themed, original images for some of my walls. 

This past weekend in Fountain Hills, there was a vast art show and I ran into the booth of James Lee, a Las Vegas-based artist. He was working on one of his paintings over the weekend and it was clear he had started it and would finish it during the show. He had no image to work from, he was just free-forming what was in his head onto the canvas in front of him. There was always a crowd at his booth watching this man have the time of his life, doing what he clearly loves to do most. 

I bought four of James Lee Images on the spot. Original artworks, signed and pretty much ready to hang – although I may do frames later. 

There are dozens of quail in my yard on any given day. They are delightful little birds that run around as though they just ingested mass quantities of Red Bull and are on a mission. 

So these two are very fitting, as well as the colors will work with what I am planning to paint the walls in these two rooms. 

I have also come to love cactus for its resilience and inability to be bothered with being hot or not having much water. A perfect plant for a guy who is terrible with plants! 

James Lee Images

This one captures the purple sky I often see here beautifully and looks like it was made to be on this wall. 

James Lee Images
James Lee Images

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