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Lots of Snow and a Heap of Gray

Raceday and Pro Vintage Racing helped out at the vintage weekend in Eagle River, Wisconsin, over the weekend of January 10th. It went amazingly well, with over 750 registrations checked in, processed, and set to go in record time. From what I heard, it was one of the best events ever at the famed Derby Track, and we cannot thank the new owners enough for letting us be a part of it.

While up in the Northland, I was able to visit Blink Bonnies, one of my favorite Hole-in-the-wall places in the world. The food comes out on the hot, often still cooking. If you go, you must try the Old-Fashion they serve there. After trying to find one like it for years and in multiple states, I have to concede that Blink Bonnie’s are the best in the world.

Also, try the Surf-n-Turf or the pork chops. You will not be disappointed. Go early, this place fills up around four in the afternoon, and it can be tough to get a table.

The tough part of being up in the north, other than the cold and snow, is the constant gray skies. It’s pretty rare when the sun pops out here and when it does, that means it is even colder.

In February, we got snow. Lots and lots of snow. I had the driveway plowed so often that I am sure I just funded a college education for someone.

I also got to spend an entire Sunday scraping the snow off the roof to prevent ice damns. Actually, some excellent exercise was one of the only chances here to be out in the sun.

We celebrated Ethan’s birthday at Spanky’s Stone Hearth, one of the most “Minnesota” places in Minnesota. It’s a large log cabin with several fireplaces and some excellent food. Highly recommended.

Work on the house has slowed a bit, thanks to the weather and my favorites contractors all being too busy. I did get to hang a couple of items I found in Lake Havasu, and I’ve ordered new rims, tires, and fenders for the Jeep. I hope to have that all updated before spring.

Finally – I did not get to go to the Hall of Fame induction ceremonies, but I got this photo sent to me. Apparently, an autograph session broke out with the book and took off. I recognize Ray Monsrud, Herb Howe, Greg Marier, Steve Houle, Paul Groth, and several other superstar autographs! How fun is that?

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