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Fall of 2017

Happy Thanksgiving, Merry Christmas, and Happy New Year!

Since my last post, most of my time has been spent at work. So much to do in so little time – but it’s getting done. When I wasn’t working, of course, I was hiking and exploring. One place that has been on my list for a long time is Telluride, Colorado, and towards the end of September, I finally got the time to head on out.

Check out the photos! It’s an amazing place, and I already can’t wait to go back. I drove out to check out the mountains on the way there, and we were not disappointed. It was a great drive to the Peaks Spa and Resort in nearby Mountain Village. From there, you can take a Gondola over the mountain, then walk around Telluride. I did some hiking, but the weather was not totally agreeing with my plans. So I did some shopping, ate some sushi, explored and took a Jeep ride up an amazing Jeep trail to Bridal Veil Falls – which was one of the funniest uses of the Jeep ever.

The Trip Out to Telluride

Big lake on the way.
On the way to Telluride.
On the way out to Telluride.

First Hike on Day One

Top of our day 1 hike.
The path on our day one hike.

Day Two Hike

Day two hike had this spot with these amazing, multi-colored rocks.
The falls at the top of our day two hike.
From behind the falls on our day 2 hike.

Bridal Veil Falls

The view from the bottom of Bridal Veil Falls.
The view on the way to Bridal Veil Falls
Bridal Veil Falls

Green Mountain

Green Mountain is an old favorite and so close to Denver that you can get there in just a few minutes.


JD and I hiked on some trails around Mount Evans near Evergreen, and a week or so later, I went back out to enjoy a beautiful day around Evergreen lake.

Red Rocks and Amazing Sunsets

The weather has been amazing all fall, and one gorgeous weekend I headed to Red Rocks, took a hike around the park, and was treated to some of the best Colorado sunsets on the way home.

Meanwhile in Minnesota

My outbuilding garage in Minnesota had an occasional issue where it would get a little water in the garage when the snow melted. So this fall, my friend Scott Nelson arranged for a bobcat to head on over and dig out the dirt from around the garage, hopefully now draining the water away. It snowed shortly after this, so the grass will have to wait till spring.

Some Sled Stuff

I’ve got Jerry Bunke’s 1978 440WC sled sitting in an undisclosed location here in Colorado so that I can chip away at it. It is missing a lot of parts, and every part on it is custom, so this is a BIG challenge, but one that is well worth doing. I also went to Minnesota to work with my friend Boyd Burke on some 1977 hoods – one for the 1977 Jerry Bunke machine he is restoring, one for Jim Bernat’s 1977 340 IFS, and one for Don Omdahl’s 250 (later this one was Steve Thorsen’s 340), and finally one for Brad Hulings 1977 440 that is about to get restored.

I also made a trip to visit my friends in Illinois to take a peek at some of the rarest machines on the planet, where I got to try on my new Steve Thorsen leathers. Okay, I got the jacket on (barely), but there is a way it was getting zipped up!

Visiting Friends

Have to say one of my favorite things is when friends come out to visit. I’ve been here long enough to know where the fun, non-tourist stuff is, and it is always fun. Former bandmate William Hill came out for a day, as did SnoPro Champ Mark Anderson. Of course, Pixel is always around to entertain me.

Roxburough Park

I made a return trip to Roxborough State Park and took a trail I had not been on before. I was not disappointed. This one led to the original house built on the property by the original owner. He had initially intended to create a hotel and spa for the wealthy on the spot, but his dream never came to fruition. Eventually, the amazing property with its amazing rock formations was donated to the people of Colorado.

Larry Preston - Hiking Telluride