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ESP “Devil Woman” Guitar

I saw this ESP sitting in a glass case at the Sam Ash music store in Phoenix, Arizona, and as the poet known as Gene Simmons once said, “I knew I’ve got to have you, I’ve GOT to have you.”

You can read some specs and reviews of it here

The ESP Devil Woman guitar sounds good!

I plugged it into a Line-6 Spyder II amplifier and started to noodle. To my surprise, it has an interesting, unique sound. Definitely dark, but interesting. 

Would I use it on a recording? Perhaps, but only if I’m not having to play in the upper registers.

When I started googling this baby, I found the original prototype was much prettier. So I’m going to hunt an artist down to have her painted like the prototype, which I think you’d agree: It looks much better with the detailed paint.  

ESP Devil Woman Guitar

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