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Escalante National Park and Hell’s Backbone

While in Southern Utah last August, I made a day out of the Escalante National Park.

Even though it was over 105 degrees in St. George, where my hotel was, it was a lovely 75-80 degrees when I got up over 9,000 feet.

By the time I did the drive there, go on two hikes (around two miles each) and then drove home the long way; it was a very long day.

I took the long way to experience Hell’s Backbone.

Hell’s Backbone Road is a 38-mile road built by the Civilian Conservation Corps in the 1930s and connects the towns of Boulder, Utah, and Escalante, Utah. Halfway along the road is Hell’s Backbone Bridge, which is 109 feet long, and 14 feet wide. A 1,500-foot drop is on either side.

That was fun, but to be honest, driving up Pikes Peak back before they had guard rails everywhere was hairier!

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