Larry Preston

Champion of Endless Optimization (CEO) at Digital Opera & Raceday. Happy stoic, aspirational minimalist, recovered big hair 80’s rock star. Author of “Star Fire Kids – Midnight Blue Express”.

Camelback Mountain

I took what is known as the hard way up Camelback Mountain, just west of Phoenix. It starts easy, but you quickly find yourself climbing rocks in many places rather than hiking.  But getting to the top was, of course, totally worth it. It’s crowded, but the views are spectacular and all the people up there are having a great time.

This was when COVID-19 was starting to be talked about a lot in the news, and being a bit of a germaphobe already, I was really alert to people sneezing, coughing, or wiping their hands on the rocks. One woman I was behind for a while kept sneezing, and it was all I could do to get her to cover her mouth.

Little did I know, just a few days later, we’d all be cooped up in our houses with no more hiking for who knows how long.



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