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Bergen Peak and A High School Reunion


After doing my first 14er just one week ago, I thought I’d need a weekend off to recover. But by Wednesday, I was ready to go.

So when a friend that I have not seen since high school said she was up for a good hike, I was all in.

Angie and I hit the trail at around 10:00 in the morning and didn’t get back to the car until around three in the afternoon.

To get to Bergen peak and back was around 9.4 miles. Other than running out of water on the way down, it was an awesome hike and an excellent workout.

My thanks to Angie Undem, yoga instructor, a very avid runner, hang glider, and a devoted mom, for being the tour guide. We graduated high school together and had not seen each other since. We had a great discussion catching up on where we had been for all these years… and trying to piece together the “where are they now” of our friends from back in the day.

I’ll take a one-on-one like that any day over a high school reunion.


Larry Preston - Bergen Peak with Angie Undum

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