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Back to Denver… and Hiking!

The plan, initially, was to go back to Minnesota, upgrade my house, and find someone who could live there when I am in Colorado. Well, the upgrades took way too long, and I did not locate anyone I could leave to take care of the place. So I decided to go ahead and rent house gain and head back to Denver.

I had a tight deadline and took an apartment in Englewood – primarily because it was brand new, and it was available on my move date. I don’t plan on staying in the place too terribly long, but let me tell you, I like living in an apartment for the simple reason that I have to do nothing as far as the building. But I did not do a good job checking this facility out; indeed, it was new, and I was the first person to sign a lease. That means the place is unfinished and the construction going around the building is pretty noisy. I am on the third floor.. and there is no elevator. But the apartment is okay, and the staff here has been great. And I could use the exercise of the steps.

Once I completed the move, I immediately found some time to go hiking. First up was Lion’s Lare Spur, near Boulder. 8,200 feet up. Great day, great hike. I finished it off with a beautiful drive through Black Hawk through the mountains to get some smoked wings in Nederland.

Next up was one of my old favorites: Mount Falcon in Morrison, with stunning views of Denver, the Red Rocks theatre, and the front range. I made the shorter loop, but still about two hours of hiking.

Next up, I made the trip to Pueblo to look at a ranch and some land for sale. Interestingly the current owner is from Roseau, Minnesota, and had the house and attached 8,000 SQ foot shed filled with various things from Roseau. However, the 40 acres is not going to work. Pueblo is too far away, and I cannot get internet out there. Still a lovely property, however!

Last, I met some high school friends at Castlewood Canyon for a hike. Angie Undem, Wendy Bibeau, Paula Thompson, and her husband Gary and I all had a great day – first with the walk, then lunch at the stagecoach, followed by some drinks at one of Colorado’s many, many micro-breweries.

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